About Body Boost Pilates

Body boost Pilates

If you are looking for a Pilates Class, Personal Training in Pilates or Nutrition and Weight Management advice between Dunstable and Milton Keynes and surrounding areas I can help!

I’m Nicky Roussou and I set up Body Boost Pilates back in 2004 to provide high quality, informative Pilates classes in the local community. I am a qualified Level 3 Pilates Instructor with over 20 years experience in the sport and fitness industry and run classes suitable for all ages, fitness levels and abilities as well as certain medical conditions (please contact me for more information)


Body Boost is not a big brand name Pilates corporation…Its mine!.. It’s the way I view Pilate and the style I like to teach.

Some clients tell me it’s similar to other classes they have taken part in and some say they like the way I teach and the progression through the exercises… I like my classes to flow lovely and give options on levels. Then the calming/ winding down phase to a lovely relaxation at the end.

I decided even before I qualified that I wanted to have the freedom to teach my own style of Pilates… Obviously keeping to the core principles of Pilates but to also add education and modifications to make traditional Pilates exercises more functional and beneficial to improve everyday living.

I try to keep my classes informative, I like you to learn about your body and why we are doing a particular exercise and what muscles you are working and the benefits of it…I like for you to have time to just rest at the end of an amazing session and wonderful stretch that your body will really thank you for. To have a few minutes to just think about your body and release stress and tension! And just to BREATH!

I am so proud to say that I still have clients attend my
classes weekly who joined me back in 2004/2005 when I first started Body Boost…I
call them clients but actually, a lot of my Clients become my friends and I
have made a lot of friends over the years!