“Hi my names Ron and I attend a day centre in Luton where I go to Nicky’s class (I have been addenting for over 10 years)  which she has adapted to chair based Pilates for disabled people which helps our muscles to relax.

We do all kinds of exercises which meet our needs while having fun too.

Nicky is a very kind lady and very approachable. We have fun and learn at the same time

Me and my friends at the centre would highly recommend Nicky”

Thank you.

Ron Reeves


“Over the years Nicky has kept me mobile and flexible. She takes an interest in every individual, adjusting her teaching to deal with their specific physical needs. The calm, friendly atmosphere within the class provides an opportunity for relaxation and mental well being. Nicky has a great passion for the benefits of Pilates. She is a very professional instructor with a wealth of experience and an extensive knowledge of Pilates. This is clearly evident during her sessions which are always varied and accommodate the range of levels within the group”

Cathy Goodyear 2019


“I haven’t looked back since joining Nicky’s class 8 years ago. I used to have back, neck and shoulder pain most of the time, but now anything like that is really unusual. And on the rare occasions when I do experience pain, I’ve learnt which Pilates moves to do to alleviate it. I’m much more flexible too, I can touch my toes with ease, which I never could before, even when I was at school. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Helen Pillatt (Age 70 years) 2019

“Hi Nicky

The Eaton Bray Pilates class is a very friendly class for people of all ages and abilities I joined a year ago after moving to the village and I was made very welcome by Nicky and all the ladies in her class some who have been going for 14 years Nicky is very patient with us and guides you through all the different levels and each one of us can work to our ability I highly recommend her classes !”

Barbara Ansell-Myers 2019


“When I first came to Nichola’s Pilates class I had just had a car accident and was suffering from whiplash. Nichola’s class has helped me tremendously with my recovery, as my physiotherapist has said how this has helped my healing and I am now in the process of strengthening my muscles with the help of specific exercises from Nichola and exercises from my physiotherapist”. 

Mrs. J. Levy (Luton) 

“As a retired deputy head-teacher and student advisor, I look for structure , content and participation in the courses I attend. Nicky’s lessons are always well-prepared, showing progression and fluidity. Despite the fact that all our members are far older than her, she leads us confidently, offering encouragement and advise appropriately; her classes are relaxed and enjoyable, with good learning opportunities. She delivers explanations clearly, accompanied by practical demonstrations”. 

Mrs. P. Perry (Edlesborough)